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Football Betting Strategies for FA Cup matches

The FA Cup third round brings some of the best football betting strategies to the fore. In this video, I’ll […]

US President betting | Betfair’s biggest and most controversial market ever

Last year we were treated to a remarkable political betting market between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The previous US […]

Lessons from 2020 | Why my Betfair trading beat 2019

You will have heard me tell you many times not to focus on the negatives but to focus on the […]

Peter Webb | Bet Angel | How I minimise my losses when Betfair trading

I recently posted a screenshot of my trading on a Saturday and why I thought it was a good example […]

Betfair trading | Lay to back (L2B) strategy | Fully automated bot

Here is a full list of all the automation templates you can download for in-play horse racing on Bet Angel […]

Betfair trading | What creates price movement on Horse racing markets?

Here is another snippet of the Livestream session that I did, this answers one of the most common questions that […]

Livestream snippets | Peter Webb on Automating your Betfair trading

Thank you for all those people that came on the live stream or watched the replay of the live stream. […]

Lockdown livestream!

Join Peter this Saturday for a ‘Lockdown Livestream’ Now that the key parts of the sports season are over for […]

Betair trading | What motivates me to push the limits of what you can do?

At this time of the year, I will often put in a ‘mega shift’ of Betfair trading. I’ll start in […]

Creating a Betfair lay betting bot on Bet Angel

If you place a lay bet on an exchange you are hoping for a selection to lose. When you look […]

Betfair exchange simulator explained | Your risk free exchange betting tool

A long time ago the Betfair exchange did have a demo version of their betting exchange on their site. That […]

A period of self isolation awaits | Betfair trading the Melbourne Cup

Once a year I set aside one week to sleep during the day and work at night. That time is […]

Bet Angel Ladder | Some ‘hidden’ and unique new features to improve your trading

It’s quite likely you use a ladder if you trade on Betfair in many different types of markets. Bet Angel […]

Horse racing tips | Betting on favourites

I’ve always been fascinated why favourites get so much attention in horse racing. Whenever people are betting or look at […]

Betfair trading | Australian evening horse racing | $40 profitable trade

As I produce this video it’s Spring in Australia and that means we are building up to the big one, […]

Betfair charts are broken! Here is what you need to know

If you are Betfair trading, then it’s important to have a look at the Betfair charts. While some sports don’t […]

Trading psychology secrets | How to re-wire your brain to be a profitable trader

In a previous video, I said that thinking was an edge. The psychology of trading is a really interesting topic […]

The hidden Betfair betting exchange simulator

I saw some rumours today that Betfair was planning a betting exchange simulator in the UK. It reminded me of […]

Trading and Betting for a living for 20 years – Key lessons that I’ve learnt

This year I ‘celebrated’ 20 years on Betfair. I’ve recorded a few videos to mark this occasion, but I didn’t […]

Betfair trading software | Bet Angel | Ladder ‘markers’

If you use Betfair trading software – Bet Angel professional version 1.55 or above, you can now put ‘markers’ on […]

Betfair trading | Three consecutive pre-off horse racing trades & some trading tips!

If you want more videos visit – To download the software visit – If you are just starting […]

How much do I get paid by Betfair?

The betting industry has a poor reputation for rewarding people to lose money. Betting affiliates and various other source refer […]

Betting strategy that won £30,000 in one day and why it’s very different from Betfair trading

If you are interested in learning to bet or trade on the Betfair betting exchange. Visit where you get […]

Betfair trading | An easy horse racing trade that’s stacked in your favour

If you want to be a successful Betfair trader you need to have many different aspects to your trading. One […]