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Betfair trading myth | Why you don’t need to know the direction of odds to profit

When I started Betfair trading I was doing arbitrage betting. I was going to a bookmaker or sportsbook and laying […]

Betfair trading | Why Saturdays can produce brilliant and terrible markets

Saturdays produce some of the best Betfair trading opportunities of the week. Big sporting events, create big sports betting markets […]

Betfair trading software | Bet Angel’s amazing Guardian feature

Bet Angel’s Guardian feature is a piece of Betfair trading software in its own right. It contains a vast number […]

Peter Webb | Bet Angel | What’s on my trading bookshelf?

I’ve done a couple of videos where I have some shelves in the background of the shot and on one […]

Befair trading software | Bet Angel | Market Overview Screen

You may have seen other Betfair trading software with a market overview screen, but it was an original feature of […]

Betfair trading | Long term profitable trading requires these three things

Betfair trading strategies are where most people start when they are trying to make some money when Betfair trading. But […]

Betfair trading software | Showing odds movement on Bet Angel

Here is a neat thing you can do on Bet Angel, the cutting edge Betfair trading software for Betfair trading. […]

Sports trading on Betfair | Here is the key thing you need to know for success

Betfair trading is all about getting a positive trading expectancy, as is traditional sports betting. You need to balance out […]

Football betting tips | Easy method for how to predict goals in football matches

The best sort of football betting tips you can get is how to set odds in a football match. If […]

Betfair trading | A simple pre-off horse racing trade | Fully explained

Betfair trading is all about having a Betfair trading strategy and then looking for a suitable market in which to […]

Setting up live in-running racecourse data from TPD on Bet Angel

If you are Betfair trading in-play, we recently upgraded Bet Angel to be compatible with live data coming from racecourses […]

Here is why betting markets are not efficient

This video is about why betting markets are not efficient and why, if you approach things in the correct manner, […]

The amazing £23m Christmas sports betting error. How did Betfair blunder?

On December the 28th 2011, we saw a sports betting error of enormous proportions on Betfair. Betfair exchange users watched […]

Sports betting hedge funds – The best way to make an income from betting?

Want to make an income from sports betting? What better strategy could you have than giving your money to an […]

Betfair trading live stream | Q&A with Peter webb of Bet Angel

It’s that time of year when I finish early on a Saturday so it seems a good opportunity to do […]

Betfair trading | What’s the secret to winning large amounts?

In October I managed to earn just short of £30,000 through Betfair trading. That sounds massive, but there are many […]

Betfair trading software | Bet Angel – Inplay Race Meter

If you are using Bet Angel version 1.58 or higher, your software now includes a race meter. The race meter […]

Football betting and trading | How to profit when managers are given the boot

There are quite a few bettings markets that are overlooked in football. I monitor and trade on relegation, promotion and […]

Betfair trading | You can be the greatest trader ever. But you can’t change this!

Early on in my Betfair trading career, I hit a roadblock. Suddenly all my trading results went backwards and I […]

Betfair trading | How this new Bet Angel feature is going to transform your betting inplay

Betfair trading is a very competitive market, but now and again something comes along that is a game changer. If […]

Here is why Betfair trading is so effective and why it doesn’t need to be complicated

This weekend I will be Betfair trading for most of Friday, through the early hours of Saturday morning right through […]

Betfair trading | Trading doesn’t need to be scary, here is why….

It’s quite common when you start out with any form of trading to experience a moment where you think the […]

Betfair trading | How I uncovered this £100 Betfair trade | Fully explained

While I was Betfair trading this week I did a trade where I had enough time to tweet out that […]

How to Predict a Draw in Football | Top tips for football betting and trading

If you are betting on football or using a Betfair trading strategy like ‘Lay the draw’. Learning how to predict […]