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Betfair Trading, Peter Webb, professional trader explains how to do low risk “painless” trading

Betfair Trading: Peter Webb, professional trader uses this example to how to to use a small stake of £50 to […]

Betfair trading – Bet Angel – Simple scalping -Peter Webb

Betfair trading: professional trader, Peter Webb, shows us that scalping is a very simple way to get a little money […]

How to make money by winning the lottery jackpot – by finding the right winning numbers

How to win the lottery or lotto depending on which country you come from! Everybody dreams of winning the jackpot […]

Betfair Trading – strategies – Lay the field – Automatically – Peter Webb

Laying the field is a popular strategy and with Bet Angel you can do this manually or fully automatically. By […]

Betfair Trading – Win whatever the result with Bet Angel – Peter Webb

Following our sponsorship of the races at Wolverhampton a lot of people contacted us to ask how it was possible […]

Betfair Trading Strategies – How to get from novice to expert – Peter Webb – Bet Angel

What does it take to become one of Betfair’s biggest traders? When I first started, I had no pointers on […]

How to: Betfair trading – Introduction by Peter Webb – Bet Angel

A simple introduction to the mechanics of trading using Bet Angel and Betfair. Learn what betfair trading is and how […]

Betfair trading – Lay the draw & green up – Automatically – Peter Webb

In this video, Peter Webb, professional trader, lays the draw before the off for the Arsenal V Man City match […]

Betfair Trading – Using Bet Angel’s Tennis trader tool – Peter Webb

In this video we examine a match that will start in a few hours and play around with various scorelines […]

Betfair trading – How odds move in a soccer / football match

If there are no goals in a match, the chance of a draw is much more likely, that’s a given. […]

Betfair trading – Scalping time value on football markets – Peter Webb

As time passes odds move to reflect the increased / descreased chance of a score happening. When that happens you […]

Betfair trading – Peter Webb – How to read and trade a racing market

Here is a good example of reading the market. By reading the market what we are trying to do is […]

Betfair trading – What is the #1 trick to effective trading on Betfair?

There is one key difference between trading on financial markets and trading on sports markets. This video explores that and […]

Betfair trading bot – Automated trading on Betfair – Peter Webb

This video shows a heavily modifed version of the spreadsheet we showed on our forum recently. The spreadsheet allows you […]

Betfair trading – Detailed example of scalping – Peter Webb

A detailed description of a simple scalp trade using Bet Angel on Betfair. We use a £100 stake and place […]

Betfair Trading: Limited then banned accounts – How bookies kicked me out of the gambling industry

This is a video on how bookmakers / bookies kicked me out of the industry by restricting my accounts and […]

Betfair trading – Using the advanced Dutching calculator on Bet Angel

Dutching is the process of backing more than one selection in a market to make a profit. Bet Angel not […]

Betfair Trading – Swing trade using Bet Angel – Peter Webb

Swing trading is the anti-thesis of scalping on betting exchanges. When you swing trade you are looking to catch much […]

Betfair Tennis trading – Scalping the serve on a Tennis match

OK so it’s slightly longer than what could normally be considered a scalp, but here we are using Tennis trader […]

Betfair – Trading Over and Under 2.5 goals – Inter Milan vs Man Utd

The over and under markets hold a lot of interest for people trading on football matches. In this video I […]

Betfair trading strategies – Football – Trading under 2.5 goals

This videos goes into a detailed explanation and example of trading the under 2.5 goal market using small stakes. We […]

Betfair trading – Profitable back to lay trading

The odds of horses in-running is much more variable than the pre-off market. In this video, we explore a simple […]

Trading on Betfair & Bet Angel – Letting your profits run

In the stock market you have the old adage of ‘Cut your losses and let your profits run’. This is […]

Betfair trading – Scalping for profit

This is an interesting video. A lot of trades are very similar but this one contains a number of different […]