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Football betting tips | A neat strategy which profits, by seeing the future!

Whether you are football betting or have a Betfair trading strategy of some sort. You would obviously be able to […]

Betting and Betfair trading In-play with Bet Angel

If you are interested in betting or Betfair trading in-play on horse racing markets. Bet Angel contains a number of […]

Betfair trading with Bet Angel | How to create your own special in-play data

Betfair trading is all about getting an edge. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do in Bet Angel […]

Betfair trading | A simple but very effective football trading strategy

For more football trading and betting advice, including market selection what some of our other videos on this channel. Such […]

Bet Angel | Automated Betfair trading | Using stored values

We are going to be releasing some more videos on using some of the more advanced functions on Bet Angel […]

Betfair trading | Get more winning trades using this set-up

A lot of trading is quite simple at its core, but often people overlook the basics when trying to trade […]

Football betting tips | Profit before a ball has even been kicked | Betfair trading strategy

I have discussed how to profit from football matches pre-kick-off before. Visit the dedicated video here: – In this […]

Betfair trading on horse racing – Explained in 3 minutes

Back in 2014, Betfair asked me to record a whole day of Betfair trading on horse racing and filmed the […]

Betfair trading | How to trade order flow on pre-off Horse racing markets

When I first started trading on horse racing markets, I knew nothing about horse racing. But I managed to profit […]

Bet Angel | Betfair trading software | Review of new Guardian feature

Download a free trial of Bet Angel here: – This video is applicable to Bet Angel versions 1.56 or […]

Betfair trading diary | Cheltenham 2021

So that’s another Cheltenham Festival put to bed, but how did it go? Here is my diary of the 2021 […]

Betfair Trading | Cheltenham Festival tips

It’s impossible not to do a video about The Cheltenham Festival. So I’ve combined a number of betting and Betfair […]

Betfair trading | Two very effective strategies explained

Sometimes people overthink a Betfair trading strategy and are looking for some mechanical reason why the market is behaving the […]

Betfair trading for a living | How sceptics can be your greatest edge

Betfair trading for a living is something that lots of people aspire too. After all, how many people would love […]

Super six | Free football betting to win £250k | What’s the best entry method?

I know everybody knows me as a professional Betfair trader, but this week you will get two videos as this […]

Betfair trading | The two keys things you need to be profitable

Download a trial of Bet Angel at: – Learn more at: – Get automation templates from: – […]

Betting In-play | How confusion netted a Betfair trader £10,000 in one race!

If there is one piece of advice that is worth heeding when you start betting or trading on Betfair, it’s […]

Tennis betting tips | How to predict the winner of a Tennis match

Download Bet Angel if you want to use the tool mentioned at the end of this video: – If […]

Problem Gambling | Gambling commision consulation | Have your say!

The Gambling commission currently has a consultation out on problem gambling and affordability limits for individual who want to bet […]

Gamestop, what is a short squeeze and what happens next?

Join in the discussion on the forum: – Lots of strange things have been going on in financial markets […]

Betfair Trading Beginners Guide | Top Tips from a Professional trader

As a professional trader, I’ve often given advice to people who are learning to use the Betfair betting exchange or […]

Betfair trading | Using pace maps to find profitable in play strategies

When I started Betfair trading on horse racing I focused purely on pre-off trading as that was relatively easy to […]

Football Betting strategy & Betfair trading tips for FA Cup matches

The FA Cup third round brings some of the best football betting strategies to the fore. In this video, I’ll […]

US President betting | Biden vs Trump | Betfair’s biggest & most controversial market

Last year we were treated to a remarkable political betting market between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The previous US […]