The SportsTrader16 Videos

Three Ticks Ladder

Utilising the speed of BetJet pro to take advantage of gaps in the price range during the race.

BetJet Pro Tick Offset

The Tick Offset tool in BetJet Pro is an incredible improvement on what has been available over the past decade. […]

Tick Offset

First attempt at three tick offset on BetJet Pro

Two Outcomes

When there are only two realistic chances in a race, the price movement on one of them will be mirrored […]

Betfair Video

How to get Betfair video full screen.

Trading On Betfair With The Badger

Some old Adam Todd gold discovered on an old PC I was cleaning up. Very little explanation needed!

Tradeshark US Open

Paul Shires previews the US Open tennis and tells us how he will approach the tournament in a year unlike […]


The team at Formlabs join us for a look at Leicester v Sheffield United.

Us Full Screen

How to expand the size of the US racing coverage on Betfair Live Video.


Interview with Paul Shires from Tradeshark Tennis

Betfair Reduction

Showing the best way to try to calculate your position if a horse is withdrawn very late and Betfair don’t […]

The In Running Guide

The contents of the In Running Guide.