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Tradeshark US Open

Paul Shires previews the US Open tennis and tells us how he will approach the tournament in a year unlike […]

BT Video

To use BetTrader video, the Brave browser is now recommended.

BetTrader Fullscreen

Getting the Video in BetTrader full screen


The team at Formlabs join us for a look at Leicester v Sheffield United.


The features of the BetTrader trading software for Betfair. The settings and an overview of how to use it.

Us Full Screen

How to expand the size of the US racing coverage on Betfair Live Video.


Interview with Paul Shires from Tradeshark Tennis

Laying or Backing

It drives me insane when administrators talk about laying horses being a source of corruption. You have been able to […]

Commentator error

Carnage in the betting as the commentator calls the wrong donkey.


The In Running Guide is full of videos like this showing you exactly what to look for.

Camera angles

Trading on tracks with difficult camera angles. It’s all about timing and taking any opportunity of a decent angle.

Betfair Reduction

Showing the best way to try to calculate your position if a horse is withdrawn very late and Betfair don’t […]

The In Running Guide

The contents of the In Running Guide.

Boxed In

Showing how to look for a horse that is boxed in and trade it knowing the price shouldn’t go down […]


You can often get great signals just from listening to the commentary before the race. These guys watch racing seven […]


Use the ladder figures to exit your position so you can see exactly how much your bet will be and […]


Race reading is a crucial part of being able to trade the right horse. You need to pick one with […]


Selecting a horse is not just horse and jockey body language. It is based on the position in the race, […]


This is the type of thing I look for when laying horses in running. This is one of the more […]


The tick offset tool can be used to advantage when prices move like lightning on the ladder.