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Live Q&A with Pro Sports Bettor – Johnny from betstamp | Sunday Streams Ep. 11

Welcome to Episode 11 of Sunday Streams with Trademate Sports where we answer your betting questions, discuss both new and […]

Becoming a Pro Sports Bettor | Sunday Streams Ep 10

Join Alex as he discusses his decision to become a Professional Sports Bettor alongside his work with Trademate Sports. He’ll […]

Hedging Accumulators for Optimal Bankroll Growth | Sunday Streams Ep. 9 with Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams joins Alex on Sunday Streams to talk about how he stakes accumulators/paylays/multiples in order to gain maximum bankroll […]

Making a Million from Sports Betting Challenge with Smart Sports Trader | Sunday Streams Ep. 8

Smart Sports Trader joins Sunday Streams to talk about his Making a Million from Sports Betting Challenge. What has been […]

All Things Sports Betting | Sunday Streams Ep. 7

After a two week break, Alex is back to answer any questions and talk all things sports betting!

Staking Accumulators, Trademate Results & Special Guest | Sunday Streams Ep. 6

Welcome to Episode 6 of Sunday Streams with Trademate Sports where we answer your betting questions, discuss both new and […]

Betting Exchange Simulations, Middle Betting & Giveaway | Sunday Stream Ep. 5

Alex takes you through his recent Trademate results, how he’s using the big data tool to find profitable Betting Exchange […]

Q&A with Sports Betting Analyst – Mark O’Haire | Sunday Streams Ep. 4

Sports Betting Analyst, Mark O’Haire joins Sunday Streams to answer all of your betting questions. Mark is a regular guest […]

How to NOT Make Money From Sports Betting | 10 Biggest Mistakes in Gambling

If you’ve just started sports betting, the amount of misinformation out there is quite overwhelming, so it’s easy to get […]

Betting Exchanges & Sharps Using Trademate, Tennis Betting & Some Exciting News! | Sunday Streams 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of Sunday Streams with Trademate Sports where we answer your betting questions, discuss both new and […]

Chief Marketing Officer for Parimatch Bookmaker | Sunday Streams Ep. 2

On the 2nd episode of Sunday Streams, we welcome the CMO of Parimatch Bookmaker, Ivan Liashenko. We will discuss the […]

Accumulators, Arbing & Betting Exchanges | Sunday Streams Ep. 1

Welcome to a brand new series by Trademate Sports, where we go live every Sunday night to talk about all […]

Professor David Sumpter – Using Mathematics in Sports Betting | #87 ft. Trademate CEO Marius Norheim

David Sumpter is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Uppsala, he has completed his doctorate in Mathematics, […]

Following A Tipster Is Generally A Bad Idea!

Alex takes you through 5 reasons as to why using or following a tipster is not a good idea! We […]

Live Q&A with Tennis Betting Analyst – Dan Weston

Tennis Betting Analyst & Expert, Dan Weston, joins Alex to answer all of your betting questions before the Australian Open […]

Ep 79: Professional Gambler & Sports Trader – Tony Alvarez from Only Fools Lay Horses

Professional Gambler, Tony Alvarez, joins the podcast to talk about his journey into becoming a professional gambler, how he is […]

Cold Sports Betting – Why you DON’T need to understand a sport to make money from it!

The conventional wisdom for casual bettors is – if you know the sport, then it’s easy to make money from […]

Bill Benter, The Horse Racing Millionaire Who Left $118M in Hong Kong Unclaimed!

Welcome to video nine in our series of People Who Got Rich from Sports Betting. Today we’re talking about a […]

Ep 72: Pro Sports Trader – Overs Specialist

Alex chats with Overs Specialist, a professional sports trader on goals markets. They talk about building his in-play models, staying […]

Sports Betting vs Sports Trading – What’s Better?

Alex takes you through the pros and cons of both sports betting and trading. And with the help of Pro […]

Variance & Risk Management in Betting with Pro Sports Bettor | Catch Up with Jonas Pt. 5


Ep 64: All Things Gambling Industry – Scott Ferguson

Host, Alex Vella, is joined by Scott Ferguson who has worked on both sides of the gambling fence in various […]

Betting Strategies Used To Go From $10k to $1 million in 1 Year | Part 1: Catch up w/ Jonas Gjelstad

We recently caught up with Pro Sports Bettor, Pro Poker Player & Trademate co-founder, Jonas Gjelstad. In Part 1 he […]

Ep 56: Author of Calculated Bets – Steven Skiena

Host Alex Vella welcomes Computer Scientist & author of ‘Calculated Bets’, Steven Skiena to the podcast. Roughly 20 years ago, […]