Betting Data and Automation: Interview With Jonathan Lowe and Tom Bishop

Jonathan Lowe and Tom Bishop both utilise Betfair through automated betting to great effect, regularly profiting from a range of racing and sports codes. Betfair’s Kerrin Grosvenor had a chat with them both to delve into how they go about their craft.

Lowe first talks about how he got into automated betting courtesy of his data science studies before discussing the importance of back-testing his betting data and how his money impacts the Exchange and the odds on offer.

The conversation then shifts to Tom Bishop, who was influenced early by renowned NBA bettor Haralabos Voulgaris before really finding his feet in the betting world when landing a job at Betfair in the Data Science team. Having never watched a greyhound race before joining Betfair, Bishop now owns a successful greyhound model.

Lowe rejoins the conversation to discuss the importance of networking with likeminded individuals, tracking/recording your bets and SPs, before Bishop discusses the different types of punters, finding your edge before the pair field an array of questions.

Check out Betfair’s models for several racing and sports codes here:

Watch Tom discuss the greyhound model he built while at Betfair in this video:


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