How To Trade and Cash Out on BETDAQ! – Part 3/5

New to cash out? Learning to trade?
In part 3 of our 5 part educational series, Caan Berry takes you through the simple process of placing a trade on BETDAQ. At the same time, he will also explain how to Cash Out on the Exchange. Getting the most from your every bet.

BETDAQ welcome everyone, punters, layers, traders and automated software vendors. Don’t be shy! It’s literally the one-stop solution for anyone that wants to win. Without being closed down.
This simple video will also open up your eyes as to what is possible, regardless of whom you are!

If you’re hungry for knowledge, it doesn’t stop there. In part 4 Caan will give you some useful hints and tips as to what is required to make it as a net winner, cashing out regularly…

Watch part 4 here:


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