#BettingPeople Interview JAMIE REID Author 1/3

We revisited best-selling author Jamie Reid to talk about his latest book, ‘Victor Chandler – Bet Your Life On It’ – the authorised biography. The Chandler dynasty’s history is delved into and reads in places like an episode of Peaky Blinders, indeed the real life fact and fiction with the very same collide. From William ‘Bill’ Chandler’s rise in the roaring 20’s, Victor senior making his mark on the rails and the Afghan coat wearing tearaway, the current Victor Chandler, thrust into the sometimes murky world of high stakes on-course bookmaking at an early age.

Part 1

Jamie explains how a planned half hour audience with Victor led to this authorised biography but was decades in the making. He gives us a synopsis of the book which starts with Bill Chandler bookmaker and gangster and explains why the nemesis of many a bookmaker, the late Barney Curley wrote the foreword.


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