#BettingPeople – JOAO DA MATA (Part 1)

JOAO DA MATA is the co-founder of the International Racing Club and has a background in horse racing that stretches back to when he was seven years of age ranging from punter to jockey agent and mentor, owner, tipster and TV Presenter. Joao is a wonderfully, watchable and likeable character who shares some fascinating stories with us as well as an intriguing and unique insight into how he finds his winners!

In Part 1, Joao tells us about growing up in South Africa where horse racing was a big part of the culture and so he was immersed at a very young age. He also learnt a lot of lessons as a youngster from his elders around him. It all led, eventually, to him becoming a pundit here in the UK on At The Races, which, as he recounts, was at times, costly because of his belief that he should gamble on everything he tips. Joao also touches on his role as a jockey agent and why life as a jockey is incredibly challenging.


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