10X Your Profits In 10 Mins A Day?

Serious question for Betfair traders?

What’s the difference between a trader who takes 10 mins to fill in their results sheet and one who doesn’t?

PROFIT The trader who takes the time to fill in their sheet will always, always get more profit! Why I hear you say?

Because they will have a track record of what is and what isn’t working, simple as that. What can they do with that? Clearly see what they are doing…..

Back in the day we had a horse racing project, as a community we all tracked this and we 10x the profit by working on the results we were able to take out days, courses, tracks that weren’t adding profit – this MAXIMISED the results – surely you want those kind of results too?

What can you take from this then – well you need a sheet but if I left you there that would be no good would it?!

What are these sheets?

It’s a sheet where you document your trades SIMPLE

I hear the excuses now, but Ryan I don’t know what to put on it?!
I am going to tell you….
Date / Trade / Type of trade / Profit & Loss / Entry & Exit / Stats from the trade
No excuses now?

Why do you need one?

It will allow you to document what is and isnt working, so you can see which strategies are working, which aren’t,
What in your selection criteria is letting you down because your wins and losses will work well for you – really well!

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