Become God Like At Match Reading

Do you struggle with Match Reading on Betfair?

Let me start with a serious question? Have you ever seen those tweets where somebody has said I am backing over 1.5 goals now as I’ve been watching the game, you’ve been watching the game too and start hoovering over entering but didn’t? Then BOOM market suspends GOAL then seen their screenshot and thought how the hell?!

Well this video will show you how to be that guy!

What would it feel like to be able to read matches better? Comment below.

I know what you are thinking, it’s impossible its too hard, its a skill I’ll never master! Well if you think that hop off this video NOW put some Adele on and carry on your pity party….

Those still with me, let’s get to work.

I can read matches, why? Because I am analytical, I take emotion out of the game (well most situations – you know those t-shirts which show evolution of man? I need one thats Breeze Block – C3-PO – Sheldon – Normal) Thats my scale I’m currently Sheldon but a big pile of mush for my baby daughter.

How do I do this?

STATS!!! I track things that lead to goals that allow me to take emotion out of game


HT / FT Score – Goals
Total goals
Shots per goal – Teams / League Avgs

Next Q is thats all well and good but where do I get that data

1- BTC stats OR You track it on a spreadsheet

What do you do with that data?

Well when you know that on Average Man City need 3 shots on target to score and your looking at a game they’ve had 5 shots on target at 30 mins….

Hmm do you think you are now armed in a better position that before…..

Even more so when you know the team they are player concede after 3 shots on target….

Then it makes looking for the entry easier

You can work back

SOT is golden
Is the ball getting to City’s front men
Are they getting the lines broke easily?

Then its only a matter of time for the goal
Does the price match your rules? Yes enter if not wait

Does that make you feel more comfortable reading matches?

I know most watching won’t go into that level of detail but my question is why? Put it in the comments below. You are expecting something to magically change with your in play trading – I’ve given you the answer!

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