Best Tennis Trading Market on the Betfair Exchange?

Getting started with tennis trading on the betfair exchange but not sure which is the best market?
It’s something people have been asking me for a while, not wanting to miss out and make their trading the most effective.

For me the best market to trade tennis is the match odds market – why I hear you ask?

Money – It has the most money matched on it

1 v 1 – It’s just player 1 v player 2 which makes it easier to trade and understand

Most traded – It’s the most traded market and also the most scaleble

Easiest to start – Because there is 2 outcomes it makes it easier for beginners!

Move – It has the moves like jagger! Tennis is a volatile market to trade because a break point can really move the market, which as a trader really benefits you as the trader!

It would be great to hear your thoughts on this?

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