Betfair Tennis Trading – Lay 1st Set Winner Strategy

This video is a solid easy tennis trading strategy that anybody whether new or old to betfair exchange trading can use. #Betfairtrading #Tennistrading

Have you ever wanted a simple to follow tennis strategy?

Yes? Ok so in this video I am going to be discussing just that, I am Ryan Carruthers the founder of BTC and I have been tennis trading for over 7 years.

I know a lot of people when they want to start trading on the tennis are stuck, they don’t know the players, they dont know a strategy well in this video I am going to debunk all those fears, I have been there struggling on tennis – backing the wrong player, getting in at the wrong point basically messing it up!

But I have gone through that and I will explain a really simple strategy that anybody can follow…. You dont need any knowledge of players either!

Are you ready?

First things first the aim of this strategy is the lay the first set winner, so our entry point is at the end of the first set…..

The selection is the person who has won the first set – we shall place a lay on them, their odds will be lower which gives us a lower risk entry point….

Then we constantly assess how they start the second set…. If they lose the first couple of points – assess, how do they look? Are they all over the place, how are they returning the ball? If they are picking this up get out and take your profit… if they aren’t then hold out a little bit, wait for them to lose the first game then you can get out

I know what you are thinking here though – what do I do if it all goes against me? Don’t panic! You have laid the 1st set winner at a very low price so your risk is very low, if the player you have laid comes out flying then you can trade out for a loss and move onto the next game.

Think this won’t happen in many games? Head over the flash score – go through the results for the last few days and see how many players have won the first set then started slow in the 2nd set?

Thoughts on why players start slower in the second set
Effort in S1
Sometimes players take a while to warm up
Sometimes players write off a losing set to conserve energy for S2 as to come back from a huge deficit would take a lot of energy out of them

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