betfair trading football strategy – How i failed with the overs but found profit with the match odds

betfair trading football strategy video coming at you today! This one is an interesting one because its one I failed with at first…..

Yes you read that right I failed with the inital thought for this strategy on Betfair, but there’s a HUGE lesson on this story….. you should always track data.

Over the 10 years I’ve been working with Betfair traders I have found common themes across the board…. they are usually close to a winning strategy yet they:

Stop too soon
Don’t track enough data

These mistake lead to leaving a lot of potential profit out there and many years of heartache!

The strategy was initally on the overs market, but I tracked all the data – when I realised that there was a lot of goals in the game but no matter what it just would not fit with the odds to find an edge, I was fuming! It had goals!! BUT I had the data, looking through the data I spotted that the score at HT was very rarely the score at FT – hence my HT LTD / HT LCS (second half goal startegy) was born!

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