Betfair Trading Training – Is Your In-play Staking Strategy Correct?

When you are opening your trade on beftair do you have your in play staking right?

A lot of Betfair traders fall down here and don’t give this a second thought, their in play staking is a result of total guesswork they have no system for getting this right.

It’s tricky I know because you might have come off a loss and your first thought is to stake higher in play on this trade so that you can win back some money – this is dangerous.

Remember to get your in play staking right you must:

Check the stake you are placing is the same as what you have on your plan
2-5% of your trading bank
That you aren’t getting emotional with your trading
Have the market up you are trading whether you are using software or the Betfair Exchange website

Doing these things will ensure you get your in play staking right.

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