(Discipline) Betfair Trading – How much would you pay?

When it comes to discipline on Betfair – I think we are all in agreement that it’s key right? We all want to have better discipline on the exchanges we love…. that old Betfair!

This video is a reallt interesting one for me, I mentioned this in the betfair trading community – the answers and replies to this statement I made about discipline where that this small question packs a huge punch….

The Q is – ‘If I wasn’t already in this trade, how much would I risk to get in?’ Now there is context around this Q. You’ll need to listen to the whole video to get the context. But listening and watching it will improve your discipline on Betfair….


I have a really handy checklist as well to help you decide whether you should be trading and has been used by over 500 traders – check it out here: http://new.betfairtradingcommunity.com/funnel/discipline-should-i-be-trading-right-now/landing-page/

To find out more about the community just click below….


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