Do you think I am really not cut out to be a Betfair Trader?

In this video Ryan Carruthers from the Betfair Trading Community, talks about helping hundreds of people over the last 9 years and pointing out what I have seen that people who believe they aren’t cut out for trading think and how these can be overcome to make them better traders.

I have seen many want to be betfair traders quit when they are so close to being profitable and it usually falls under one of these reasons:

You are aiming for a big bank increase weekly
You are aiming to make a fortune – also staking too high!
You are playing around on the markets, for the adrenaline rush
You trade emotionally – a loss leads to a loss of the head
You don’t work on your knowledge and follow something blindly
You have temporary trading methods – that used to work
You listen to everybody and everything

If this is what you fall into then this video will make you a much better trader on Betfair, let me know what your key takeaway is from the video!

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