Everything you need to know before you exit your Football trade?

In this video I will break down what you need to know before you exit your trade!

Ryan here from Betfair Trading Community with a video sharing why people don’t exit their trades and what you need to know so you do exit.

Why people don’t exit?

They get greedy – want more profit – build bank up
They weren’t meant to do this trade in the first place so have no idea what they are doing
They cannot be wrong – so its not real till they trade out

Why you wont be those guys…. Because you watch these videos

2 scenarios

Main thing is that you get out of either scenario

Exit point – get out – why wait?? Take the profit that you set on your plan move on
Don’t get cocky

Stop loss – don’t let it run longer in the hope it’ll come back – it won’t
Dont beat yourself up
Ask how you feel before doing another trade do you need a reset

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