Football Trader, Do you need LIVE pics to be profitable?

football trader! I think you dont need live pictures to be profitable Football trader You dont need live pictures to be profitable Football trader Another week another video, I seem to be getting all the controversial topics me! Today is no different, I am going to explain how you can be a profitable trader WITHOUT using live pictures. I wasn’t on full form today, I am not feeling 100% and the baby didnt sleep that well last night! If you are a football trader who doesn’t have time to be able to sit down and watch every game they want to trade this is for you, watch on. Because let’s face it a lot of games are on the weekends right? Where lifeFamily Everything else gets in the way I want to say here that the industry is too blame though and a lot of the traders out there who have stated you cannot trade properly without live pictures?That’s just plain wrong. How do I know? Because I don’t always use them neither do many of the members at BTC. How do you do it then? Like anything in life you need a plan – trading plan Get sofa score Know what your looking for Betfair app

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