Get Your Confidence Back With Your Betfair Strategy

Have you ever felt like me at 4am in the morning with Fernando the Red Fiesta? No confidence in that car!

It’s the same with your strategy, which is why I told you this story.

To get your confidence back you can do a few things:

1 – Ask is it you the problem am I throwing this into choas? By not following the strategy or doing what you should do with it.
2 – Reduce stakes – Easiest way to get confidence back is to reduce the stakes which lowers the emotional attachment to the trade
3 – Paper trade – Get paper trading, this works and pros do this with new strategies etc….

Remember you want to spiral up on Betfair not down!

PS So I know I wasn’t looking at the camera, I plugged the new one in but for some reason it wasn’t working…… so I was actually looking at the new camera while the old one recorded :O

I promise to be better next time!

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