How Betfair Trading Community Built A Popular Forum – Part 2

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Have you ever felt scared to ask a question to exprienced traders?

Yep! Don’t worry I was the same, this is why I created Betfair Trading Community. In this 2 part video series I go into detail about this fear of asking a question to exprienced betfair exchange traders and how that was the driver behind me creating Betfair Trading Community.

It all started for me with being able to have the right ethos on the community, with the right ethos comes the right people, I knew this was not going to be an overnight thing that it would take time to build and I was more than happy to do that to create the kind of place where people want to spend time.

I created some pillars in the community that prop up the community and enable us to help betfair exchange traders.

If you want more information about this community or you feel like you are the kind of person that would benefit from being around more people like us then check us out….

To find out more about the community just click below….


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