How to monitor your trade in play – 1 thing you should do….

There is in my eyes only one thing that you should be doing when you are trading in play…. this is to ask yourself does my original hypothesis run true?

So many traders get bogged down with watching the green go up or the red go down that it impeedes their judgement then they make rash decisions based on the figures instead of applying some logic to the trade and working backward from this.

If you do this i almost GURANTEE it will make your trading easier, because you will be thinking clearer… more in alignment with the original idea of the trade and asking the right questions around that trade – this will lead to better profits on Betfair.

Little tip here, if you want to get better at football trading on Betfair and struggle reading the matches? Watch lower league football…. it’ll help. I’ll do a video about this in the coming weeks… but remember ask yourself when you are trading in play on the betfair exchange does my original trde idea run true? If so you can keep going.

One of the questions I get asked all the time is about how to cut your losing trades short, well this is it…. by asking the right questions of you trade. What are the right Q’s I hear you say?

Well what has to happen for your trade to be profitable? Ask those of your strategy and break down what has to happen then link that to what you are seeing!

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