How to scale your strategy like a pro Betfair trader

You’ve got a strategy on Betfair that you are using, it’s going well… how do you scale that like a pro Betfair trader would?

This video is you, firstly brough to you by a pro betfair trader and one who has helped hundreds of traders. I have have a FREE strategy you can use at the bottom of this description.

When it comes to scaling your strategy on Betfair you dont want to do it to soon?

If you do then Betfair will not treat you well, I have seen a lot of traders scale their profitable strategy too soon which has then caused them losses in their account on Betfair but more important their confidence is shattered.

Let’s cover when to scale your strategy and show you exactly how to scale it on Betfair!

It’s super simple we use the bank and all decisions are made upon that – in the video I discuss the % I use to scale my strategy on Betfair


Struggling with a strategy? I’ll give you some FREE ????????


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