Post Trade: Did you follow your trading plan?

Today we talk Trading plan, more specifically post trade I want to know if you followed your trading plan? Listen…..

I know I always bang on about the trading plan but that’s because when you used in your trading on Betfair it can give you an HUGE advantage – when you plan for success you will most likely get it – don’t you think so too?

Looking at a trading plan also leaves clues to see where you can improve your trading as well – now I know you want to be a better trader!

We’ve covered a lot in these videos as well going all the way through the pre match, through the in play & now focusing on the post match data collection – which let me tell you most traders will never do!

BUT you are not most traders are you? 😉 Nope! You will do what most won’t in the pursuit of getting better – which is why you will use a trading plan!

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