Stop Matched Betting DO Betfair Trading Instead

Betfair trading is 10x more lucrative and less time consuming than matched betting. I get a lot of messages and emails from people who have been doing matched betting but they are now fed up of all the nonsense around it and have heard about Betfair trading. This video is for you…. When it comes to matched betting its great to get you started but very quickly you become…. Gubbed Spending so much time on it to make it pay Having to pay people The issue is that you’ve started to change your perception of betting and know that money can be made from it and more importantly you’ve enjoyed the money you’ve been making, am I right? You start to hear whispers and people mentioning Betfair trading in the forums you are part of to help with your matched betting, mythical tales of people making a lot more than you in less time… You probs have questions like…. What is it? How does it work? Is it more profitable? Whats the downside? (risk / mentality) Should you stop matched betting and do it? YES

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