What every football trader should know about how to select a Betfair Trading strategy!

Betfair Football Trading can be a lot easier if you know how to select a trading strategy!
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Over the next 5 minutes I am going to show you often overlooked points of picking a football strategy that works for you.

My name is Ryan Carruthers, a Betfair trader that has spent the last 10 years working with Betfair traders to get better at trading.

& in this video I am going to help you pick a strategy for football that works for you.

It doesn’t matter what strategy you go for, its got to be one that works for you!

Point 1 – When you can actually trade? & can you do it on a busy Saturday in a shopping mall?

Point 2 – How you like to trade?

Point 3 – Use inspiration / build from others ideas / listen to your heart – build from here.

Many people over look these and try and follow the crowd, this is a fatal mistake of many traders!


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