Who else wants to know how to work out entry and exit points?

Is there a bigger question on Betfair than entry and exit point – What should my entry be and what should my exit be?

I’m going to break down entry and exit on this video – CAUTION this might be the easiest way to understand them, I’m not going to complicate it though and if you are watching this thinking I am going to give you set prices to get out you are sadly wasting your time, nobody can do that!

What I can give you is entry and exit point training that will work for you time and time again. Here’s a secret…. 99% of people won’t do this though, if they would then they’d have a lot more profit on Betfair and their trading would be easier to do!

For those who only watched a few seconds of the video and just wanted my FREE narrowing trades selection checklist then you can get that here: http://new.betfairtradingcommunity.com/funnel/selecting-trades-testing-strategies-checklist/landing-page/

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