Live AMA with Adam – Digitex City Explained

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Earlier this week, Adam surprised the Digitex community with the release of the new whitepaper outlining our ambitious plans for Digitex City – the pivot from being just a futures exchange to a vibrant hub of activity centered on cryptocurrency trading, investing, gambling, and entertainment.

 From virtual strip clubs to poker rooms, DGTX Staking rewards to a predictions market, all powered by a social network, there’s an awful lot on the table. All with the goal of driving value for the DGTX token and providing traders with a virtual world that will eventually become Crypto’s true playground. 

Don’t miss this live AMA with Adam on Friday, Sept. 11, at 13:00 UTC in which he will go into Digitex City in detail and answer all your burning questions about how and when this next adventure will begin.

Digitex City white paper:


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