Dobbing – Looking for upcoming horses to DOB

This video explains the basics of a DOB (Double or Bust) trade and helps identify how to pick a selection using data.
A trade is a simple execution, you place a £1 (Or any stake you like) back bet on the SP of a horse (lets say 4.0 for this example) and then a double amount lay (so £2) at half the odds – so 2.0,

If the horse trades down to 2.0 in running you win a £1 whatever the outcome. If it fails to trade to that level you lose a £1 whatever the outcome (Excluding any commission payable).

We look at the pace angle, and horses previous runs, focusing on their course and distance history, jockey changes and past dobbing performance to make a selection, noting that it is impossible to pick a winning dobber 100% of the time, but if you can get a strike rate of above 50% you should end up long term profitable


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