Get A Free Share Worth Upto £100

Here’s a chance to make upto £100 cash by simply creating a new account.

All you need to do is register for an Invest account with Trading212 through this link…

This is a ‘refer a friend’ link with qualifies anyone using it to a free share (worth upto £100 in cash) and for transparency I will say that I will get one too, as the referrer, so a big thanks in advance to anyone who jumps onboard with this.

Latest: Already had reports of a couple visitors getting £57 & £66 share respectively and of course we are waiting to hear who our first £100 share recipient will be. But anyway do drop us an email with what you made to as we always enjoy hearing about our visitors making a few quid

When you create an account you will get a referral link of your own that you can pass on to anyone you know (feel free to copy these instructions) so you will both get another free share each etc…etc…

To get started, click the link, goto Open Account, enter your details & select the INVEST account type as the type of account to open.

Next deposit £1 and verify the account. Then wait & you will receive a free share which will be worth anything up to £100. After 3 more days you are then free to sell the share and withdraw all of your money including your £1 deposit.

So well worth a look and and of course if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Here’s that link again and good luck with your free share…


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