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You’ve read it on the #DigitexFutures blog and confirmed the details with SmartDec – We finally have a launch date for the mainnet! Not only will the mainnet come with new features and a brand-new user interface, but it will be mobile responsive as well. This means you can trade on-the-go making single tick profits straight from your phone.

We’re so excited to (finally!) make our debut onto the scene as the ONLY #Crypto derivatives exchange out there that lets scalpers and day traders make a viable living without losing out on commissions.

If you have questions about the launch, be sure to let us know on any of our socials and tune into this live AMA with our CEO Adam Todd on Tuesday, Feb 4 at 7 pm MSK. He’ll answer all you want to know about the mainnet launch and anything else besides – see you there!

About Digitex Futures exchange: Digitex Futures is a zero-fee, peer-to-peer crypto futures exchange with its own base currency, the DGTX token. Digitex is using Ethereum’s blockchain technology to build a cutting-edge crypto futures exchange with zero trading fees.

From the point of launch of the public testnet, we will offer a BTC/USD perpetual swap futures contract. However, we will be adding more markets as we develop our platform.
Key Differentiators of the Digitex Exchange:
The Digitex exchange model is revolutionary within the cryptocurrency and futures trading space. Traders win and lose in Digitex (DGTX) tokens. Traders must have a balance of DGTX cryptocurrency to place trades, thus creating a demand for the DGTX token.

This demand is what enables us to offer no-fee trading on all trades because the exchange makes money by selling DGTX tokens instead. Zero-fee trading attracts extremely active, ultra-short term traders who create highly liquid markets using strategies not viable on fee-charging exchanges and existing futures trading websites, further increasing demand for DGTX. Large tick sizes level the playing field between human traders and bots.

About DGTX token: The DGTX token is the native currency and lifeblood of the Digitex Futures exchange. It’s a utility token and the sole passport to the exchange. Anyone who wants to participate in our commission-free markets must own DGTX tokens. All profits and losses on the exchange are settled in DGTX, and all account balances are denominated in DGTX.

More details about the Digitex Futures exchange mainnet can be found here


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