Betting Clever Ep 3 – The SBC team talk betting and tipsters

The SBC team join forces to discuss all things betting. Horse racing betting, racing tipsters, golf tipsters, football tipsters are all covered.

In part 1, Rowan and Pete explore the latest Tipster Profit Report, some of the long-running Hall of Fame services within it and the profits they are making, plus we also unpack the issues at times with tipster affiliate programs and how to avoid being caught out by them.

Alex then joins Pete for Part 2 and we discuss how he has made £17,000 since the start of 2021 with his own tipster portfolio, which is filled with SBC recommended services. He discusses the tipsters he follows, the best performing amongst them and some hard decisions he had to make recently on profitable services that he just wasn’t able to follow as he wished.

The goal of this podcast is to give you the insight and advice you need if interested in following tipster services.

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