Betting for profit with Smart Betting Club recommended tipsters | My 8 betting strategies

Alex reveals his 8 different betting strategies that make up his Smart Betting Club portfolio

The last service involving football coupons is something a bit different!

Plus get results of his progress after 7 months in

ROI/ROC figures that were missed from the video

BB Golf Tracker: 68.92%/381.78%
BB Racing Tracker: 17.75%/243.31%
The Poacher: -1.55%/-4.96%
CD Systems Daily Bargain: 42.80%/59.06%
PGA Profit: -48.72%/-3.17%
MP/TVM: -66.72%/-29.83%
Northern Monkey: 5.44%/3.01%
BB Coupons: 13.26%/0.37%

Introduction (0:00)
BB Golf Tracker (1:40)
BB Racing Tracker (5:48)
The Poacher (7:43)
CD Systems Daily Bargain (9:12)
PGA Profit (11:47)
Multiple Power & The Value Machine (13:08)
Northern Monkey (14:35)
BB Coupons (16:14)

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