The Smart Betting Club Podcast Ep 27 | UK Gambling Review Special With Neil Channing

A feature length interview with Professional Punter Neil Channing discussing the ongoing gambling review taking place in the UK and the very grave concerns he and many others have on some of the proposed new laws being mooted, including that of affordability checks and the Single Customer View concept.

Neil is one of the foremost minds on this topic and he explains the background to why these new rules are being considered and how and why affordability limits are being put forward as a solution to fixing the issue of problem gambling.

He also shares his opinion on the flawed Single Customer View concept and how that might work and the very real possibility we could see substantial growth in the betting black market if some of the more stringent measures being proposed are brought in.

Neil also outlines how the UK political scene and changes there might impact legislation, plus crucially what you can do to ensure that MP’s and those in power listen to the vast majority of punters who bet in a sensible fashion.

Right now the mooted changes are being put forward by a tiny minority on each side of the debate – those against gambling on one side and the operators/bookmakers on the other. The opinions and needs of the vast majority of bettors are not being represented and Neil explains why this is and shares his own predictions on what might unfold in coming months.

Its a longer podcast than normal due to the many important topics up for debate so sit back, enjoy and share any feedback you have with us after you listen!

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