The only strategy that works 100% of the time on Betfair

Do you want to know the ONLY strategy on Betfair that works 100% of the time?

This video I am going to break down the strategy that after over 10 years on the betfair exchange I have found that works 100% of the time!

Ok so this is a little tongue in cheek, but you get the point? There isn’t a strategy that works on Betfair 100% of the time…. well there is it’s called…

‘The NEVER place a trade strategy’

I get emails from people who have placed one trade on a strategy I have shared and proceed to tell me ‘it does not work’ or ‘I lost 40% of my bank’ yes because you did not follow the rules of the strategy you thought there was an easy route to profits on Betfair – I don’t blame you we have all be there but long term is the only way to win at the game we call Betfair!

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