Under 3.5 Goals – Another EASY Football Trading Strategy for 2022 (Betfair)

Under 3.5 goals is a market that not many people talk about but it’s a market they should!

The Under 3.5 goals market is one where there is a lot of opportunities on the Betfair Exhchange.

Lets get into it then, I followed a really good easy to follow format last week and that video went mental so I will do the same here.

Why use it?

Consistent greens
Easy to follow strategy
One you can do anywhere
It takes ZERO football knowledge
It can bring in £10 a day initially but easily build to £100
How much is your current trading bringing in?

How to use it?

Market Laying over 3.5 goals – so we say the game won’t have 4 goals in it
Looking at the first 10 mins
no goals scored
no shots on target at all
minimum of 3 shots off target collectively
Check the teams previous home and away games
12 mins now
Lay over 3.5 for £2
Odds 3.5 – 4.8 MAX
5 mins we trade out for profit
If a goal goes in we have a cushion wait only a few mins then take the loss and move on

Why you should use it?

Dont have much time
Want to trade easily
Want to make money on Betfair
Want a simple easy to follow system
Small amounts add up fast
Accept losses
Never chase

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