What’s Next for Digitex? Hear It from Adam in This Video Update

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Speaking to the Digitex community from our office in Kyiv last night, Adam gives an update about what’s going on with Digitex Futures. He speaks about where we are right now, what we’re working on, and gives a tantalizing preview of some of the awesome products that are on the horizon and will generate greater demand for #DGTX…

He also acknowledges that it’s not all about what’s coming but also about what’s actually here. He says we should recognize the success of the exchange so far and the users that love trading on the platform. We know that DGTX volatility is offputting to many traders and we’re working on the stablecoin solution as quickly as possible. We’re also ramping up our efforts to attract and convert more real users for the exchange.

In summary? The exchange is out, we’re growing our user base, tackling the issue of DGTX volatility, and have a ton of awesome new products in the pipeline… Thanks for being part of our journey so far! The best is yet to come.


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