BetJet Pro Grid Laying

Laying in running using BetJet Pro and the L key to place the trade at a fixed maximum price and […]

BetJet Pro Lay The Field

Lay the field on the BetJet Pro grid.

BetJet Pro Grid Laying

Just looking to straight lay a beaten horse on the grid? This is how to do it on BetJet pro.

BetJet Pro Ladder Lay

Laying in a three horse race using the gauges.

BetJet Pro Ladder Trade

Trading on the ladder and then using the revolutionary Win % Gauge to help you spot the beaten horses.

Three Ticks Ladder

Utilising the speed of BetJet pro to take advantage of gaps in the price range during the race.

BetJet Pro Tick Offset

The Tick Offset tool in BetJet Pro is an incredible improvement on what has been available over the past decade. […]

Tick Offset

First attempt at three tick offset on BetJet Pro

BetJet Pro

In Running trading just went to a whole new level.