BetJet Pro Multiple Offsets

Showing the incredible speed of the tick offset tool in BetJet Pro using multiple tick offsets with auto hedging and […]

Tick Offset Speed

Trading a small field using the speed of BetJet Pro and the tick offset tool.

BetJet Pro Liability Mode

How Liability mode works in BetJet Pro.

B2L Tick Offset

Tick offsetting using the back bet first on BetJet Pro.

Member Trades

Phil trades a couple of races using BetJet Pro. He had no commentary so I added it to show you […]

BetJet Pro Keep Bet

How to keep a bet when a market is turned in play.

BetJet Pro Scalping

Pre race Scalping on BetJet Pro.

Drone Traders

Drone Trading is the new thing for 2021 since on track traders were not allowed on course. The new Betfair […]

BetJet Pro Drone Signals

Use the bets placed by drone operators and the BetJet Pro Race Meter to see a clear indication of the […]

BJP Race Meter

Using the Race Meter in BetJet Pro to highlight the drone operator’s bets.

Using the Race Meter

The Race Meter in BetJet Pro shows you the moves the users of drones are using much earlier than you […]

BetJet Pro Grid Trade and Lay

Trading the grid with BetJet Pro using the race meters doing a mid race lay and exit and a late […]

BetJet Pro LTF

Laying the field in a race with a small field is often good as all runners will likely be under […]

Offset with late lay

Using the incredible speed of BetJet Pro to do tick offset trades and then using the race meter to indicate […]

BetJet Pro Mouse Buttons

Using the buttons on a mouse can make submitting bets even easier and importantly, even faster.

Australian Racing

Betfair Video on Australian racing is now eight seconds behind so pointless to watch other than to see where your […]

BetJet Pro TO Speed

Tick offset with BetJet Pro in running.

BetJet Pro Ladder Speed

A demonstration of how fast bets are submitted and matched, including offsets on BetJet Pro

BetJet Pro Race Meter Lay

Using the Race Meter in BetJet Pro to make a late lay in a race. The Race Meter gives a […]

BetJet Pro Grid Laying

Laying in running using BetJet Pro and the L key to place the trade at a fixed maximum price and […]

BetJet Pro Lay The Field

Lay the field on the BetJet Pro grid.

BetJet Pro Grid Laying

Just looking to straight lay a beaten horse on the grid? This is how to do it on BetJet pro.

BetJet Pro Ladder Lay

Laying in a three horse race using the gauges.