Banned or restricted by a bookmaker? – Here is a simple solution

Punters being restricted by a bookmaker, or even worse banned. Has been the downfall of many a profitable sports betting strategy.

No sooner do you find a winning strategy than you find you can’t get your bet on anywhere for any amount.

I too was banned from placing bets with bookmakers and thew in the towel many years ago, roughly 30 years ago to be more precise.

So I gave up and stayed away from betting markets until the birth of betting exchanges, like Betfair.

But even then I returned to do some arbitrage between bookmakers and betting exchanges. But I got caught out again by a bookmaker who refused to pay out.

However, there is a happy ending and it should be something that you throw any anybody that complains about being restriced, banned or palped by a sportsbook or bookmaker.


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