Betfair charts are broken! Here is what you need to know

If you are Betfair trading, then it’s important to have a look at the Betfair charts.

While some sports don’t suit charting, they are especially useful if you are trading pre-off horse racing markets.

There is a problem; however, as Betfair charts don’t actually correctly plot an accurate price history. It’s been a problem right from the day the Betfair betting exchange came into being.

There is also another problem recently, in that the charts are often completely broken!

Sometimes they display the wrong information, or they may actually go backwards on occasion.

In this video, I review both these aspects of how the charts are broken, but also show you a solution.

Advanced charting allows you to overcome all these issues and significantly improve your trading by display tons of customisable information right in front of you.

Even better than that, on version 1.55 or higher, you can create and plot your own data on a chart. This gives you the ultimate in charting options.

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