Betfair trading | A simple but very effective football trading strategy

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In this video, I walk you through a Betfair football trading strategy that’s simple to understand but very effective and easy to implement.

I’ve shown videos on different sports before where I use a similar Betfair trading strategy, but this is specific to Football and includes a few other elements.

This football trading strategy uses Bet Angel and the Betfair betting exchange.

In this example, we use the under 1.5 goals market but you could easily apply it to trade the under 2.5 goals and other similar markets.

The key message in this video is to use a bit of knowledge to get a positive trading expectancy. But also to correctly frame your potential profit and loss in order to profit in the long term.

Most Betfair football trading videos will not do this for you, but that’s surprising as it’s absolutely key to profiting in the long term.

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