Betfair trading | A simple trade on Bet Angel with an execution edge!

Betfair trading is a very competitive business. Lots of people are familiar with certain trading styles and will use those in the market. So you need to be a little bit clever to outcompete other Betfair traders.

When we designed the first version of Bet Angel it was quite simplistic in terms of a trading tool, but over time we have added more and more features to it to improve execution edge.

When you have an execution edge you can trade the same market as somebody else, using the same tactic, but still trade better.

In this video, we use this Bet Angel Servant: –

To perform the execution of a trade for us. This leaves us to focus on the placement of the opening bet and the servant will use some logic we have given it to give us the best possible chance of profiting.

See the video where I discuss this tactic here: –


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