Betfair trading | A very effective trade that’s easy to do on Bet Angel

Betfair trading can seem really complicated at times as there are so many things to look at.

Your profit from the price movement in odds, that’s simple enough to understand. But which way are the odds going to go, when should open your trade. Should you back first, lay first, what happens if the price goes against you?

This Betfair trading strategy solves pretty much all the standard questions and problems you have when you trade.

You don’t need to think much about when to get into the market and you don’t need to worry about direction.

Better still, it’s easy to understand and even easier to do perform this trade in the market. Of course, there is still a little risk attached to any trade, but this is about as close as you will get to the ‘perfect’ trade.

We use some additional features on Bet Angel to make this trade even easier.

Timeline: –

00:00 – Start (Surprisingly)
01:08 – What are we trying to solve?
02:25 – Setting up the ladder trading interface
03:37 – Trading a market using this strategy
07:22 – Summary

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