Betfair trading | Everybody needs an edge, here is how to help yours!

Profitable Betting or Betfair trading requires that you have an edge. If you have no edge, it’s unlikely that you will profit over the long term.

Edges can come in many different forms. Typically people focus on a strategy or tactic. Some people build models from historical data, but few people focus on an execution edge.

So in this video, we look at how you can use Bet Angel to create a simple execution edge, but putting in orders quicker, more accurately and more efficiently than others traders.

If you want to have a play with some servants, check out the dedicated forum area: –

What’s in this video: –

00:00 – Introduction (To my new hairdo)
00:10 – People often forget this type of edge
01:07 – Two key features of Bet Angel
02:15 – Setting up a Servant
06:33 – Using the keyboard shortcut editor
09:34 – Trading a market
11:31 – Summary


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