Betfair trading | How to predict price movements on a ladder interface

Reading the ladders correctly will help you get a good trade through the market. Most of that is about predicting, or probably more accurately described as anticipating movement and support for your opening trade.

All prices are correlated on the ladder. They have to be, as the market needs to gravitate to a 100% book.

So when I turn up to a market, I look at the ladder and make an assessment of what I see.

Initially I want to make sure I can see the majority of the market in front of me as I need that to see how it’s influencing my current position.

From there I start looking for how prices are correlated. But it’s important to know that price movement on one ladder is proportional to it’s price.

So I suggest you use the bookmaking feature on Bet Angel to understand how the prices are likely to move. This will give you a ‘natural’ range in which the price are likely to trade.

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