Betfair trading | Key tips to growing your trading bank

Thanks for all the positive feedback I got from this video: –

In that video, I talked about how I managed to grow £300 to £1300 in just short of a month.

I received quite a few comments and questions on that video, so I have done this video as a follow up to help answer some of those questions.

As I have mentioned there are no ‘tricks’ to successful trading. But if you are looking at specific Betfair trading strategies or approaches to the betting markets, you can do some useful things.

These approaches to how you trade will help you understand how I achieve that growth in my trading bank in double-quick time.

They include some advice on using different Betfair trading strategies in different markets, so some advice around money management and the specifics on Betfair trading.

You don’t see these discussed much, so I thought I would group my thoughts in this video.

They should help you trade more effectively than an instructed approach to the market.

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