Betfair trading on horse racing – Explained in 3 minutes

Back in 2014, Betfair asked me to record a whole day of Betfair trading on horse racing and filmed the results.

I actually recorded a full day worth of Betfair trading, but they only picked one video to show in a bit more detail. This is that video!

The whole trade took about 6 minutes or so to complete. The end result was a £1024 free bet on the second favourite which turned into £128 when fully hedged.

To make the video more ‘snappy’ they edited it down to three minutes to catch the key points and it came out pretty well, although somewhat light on the explanation side. But it gets the concept of trading on horse racing across quite well.

Its intention back then was to promote the concept of Betfair trading and how it could be done on horse racing.

If you are interested in seeing more depth on the videos I did on this day, let me know and I can publish them. I did archive the full-length videos.

The core trading methodology in this video is something I still use today and have mentioned in other videos.

My overall trading has moved up a notch since I recorded this and I do a lot more fully automated stuff now as well. But it’s a decent example.

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Key moments in the video: –

00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Opening a position in the market
00:58 – Looking at Betfair charts
01:08 – Looking at the pressure in the market
01:37 – Putting in closing positions
01:50 – Initial order filled
02:06 – Modifying second closing trade
02:39 – Position closed for £1024 free bet
02:54 – Fully hedged position on Betfair

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