Betfair trading software | Bet Angel’s amazing Guardian feature

Bet Angel’s Guardian feature is a piece of Betfair trading software in its own right.

It contains a vast number of features that supplement your trading, whether you trade manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically.

Despite being just an icon on the main screen of Bet Angel – Professional, it contains a vast number of useful features that form a key part of your Betfair trading strategies.

Load your favoured Betfair trading markets in Guardian and then use its key features to find, alert or trade those markets.

Using any one of the key features in Guardian will help you pay for Bet Angel on its own. Use them all and completely transform your trading.

00:00 – Locating Bet Angel’s Guardian feature
00:47 – Adding markets to Guardian
01:30 – Using filters to find markets of interest
02:16 – Jumping to new features using a mouse right-click
04:54 – Using Bet Angel coupons
06:55 – Watch lists
08:25 – Connecting multiple markets to a spreadsheet in Guardian
10:18 – Advanced automation
12:33 – Bet Angel alerts
13:12 – Guardian lists, modifying how information is displayed on Guardian
14:51 – Summary

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