Betfair trading strategies | How to trade horse racing pre-off using key indicators

In this video, I’ve split the discussion between an explanation of how I approach a market and an actual trade follows after that discussion.

I discuss in great depth the sort of thing I’m looking for when I arrive at a market and then go on to show the trade I actually did in the market and point out some key aspects of the trade and why it worked.

There can be a lot of things to look at if you are using a Betfair trading strategy such as trading order flow on pre-off horse racing.

It can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, but I tend to follow a similar pattern to each race that I trade in this manner.

I tend to look for a suitable market and wait for the volume to build to get in and out with ease. Then I start looking for specifics within the market to get the right entry point

At that point, I’m also making a judgement on where my exit will be, in both directions.

Watch this video if you want to get a really detailed narrative on a successful Betfair trade on a horse racing market.

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